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Elderly Parents Taking Active Part in Gardening

There are a great number of baby boomers who take active part in gardening. This wonderful hobby is a brilliant way to linger and a good way to unwind and invigorate. Since most baby boomers have a lot of free time nowadays, they are finally free to discover the countless things that they had forgotten while raising families and children. Gardening is a soul enriching experience. The joy to bring up a young sapling is tremendous. It is just like bringing up your own child. To see a plant grow into a beautiful tree is just out of the world. Probably because of this reason, many boomers enjoy this hobby. Read more... … Read entire article »

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A Laurel Hedge Can Thrive In Almost Any Conditions

A Laurel Hedge Can Thrive In Almost Any Conditions

So I’ve been pondering the garden situation along with these lawn sweepers option.. again.  Especially the front fence.  I was thinking of putting some agapanthus in there originally, but it may take a while to grow up and cover the fence.  Which could be called “rustic” but in reality is just a bit ugly.  However, we won’t have the resources straight up to replace it, so I think hiding it with a fast growing, hard-to-kill … Read entire article »

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