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258 Foxlow Street » Bedroom 2

The storage space conundrum

Our current house has 2 built-ins, and a linen press.. unfortunately 258 doesn’t have either. ¬†Eventually my goal is to put built-ins in the 2 larger bedrooms, but in the meantime we are going to need somewhere to put stuff. I’ve seen some lovely wardrobes online (at Ikea and some antique ones on ebay) but they are expensive, and I don’t want the hassle of having to dispose of or sell them when we get the built-ins put in. I think we’ll get some demountable wardrobes to tide us over. I’ve been checking out eBay, and these will do us nicely! These days they actually look pretty good, and they have fabric covers on them, which lend themselves to being decorated, especially for the kids rooms. ¬†Lucas’ room is going to have an “explorer” … Read entire article »

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Plastering – Episode 1, the basics

So the Bunnings plastering demonstration consisted of the guy kind of explaining a couple of things and then showing us where all the stuff was in the store. Picked up a couple of tips, but it wasn’t exhaustive. So back to good old youtube for some more instruction.. came across these ones that covered most things from the gyprock people: Read more... … Read entire article »

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