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10 ways to re-purpose an old door.

10 ways to re-purpose an old door.

So, according to our building report, the front door is kaput.  So.. I’ve been cruising the internet to come up with ideas to reuse it.  It would be such a shame to just throw it out! Here are 10 ways I’m tempted to reuse it: (1) A bed headboard We are going to only have one old door, so these headboards only require one.  if you are looking for ideas for more than one, check out Bradford Avenue’s … Read entire article »

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Cessnock – kitchen renovation

Cessnock – kitchen renovation

About 10 years ago (prior to illness and kids) I renovated a house in Cessnock.  Thought I’d post up a couple of photos of the before and after in the kitchen.  (I’ll get the bathroom shots up too soon.  Just flicking through them I saw some photos of myself.. my goodness I was skinny back then.  LOL This was a really seriously budget job (aren’t they all.. ) so I used the same kitchen carcass and … Read entire article »

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House signs and Building reports

So I finally got the building report and I’ve had a bit of time to look at it. The summary says that the house is in generally poor condition, which we already knew about. No signs of bugs though, which is good. It’s going to take more remedial work than I’d expected. The roof leaks in more places than I picked up, and there are leakage issues with one of the showers and one of the toilets.. from experience, this can be pretty expensive to remedy. I’m trying to get in contact with a builder to have a look at it.. would much rather spend the dollars on making the house comfy than on fixing things like leaky showers. 🙁 Read more... … Read entire article »

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Naming your house adds value.

Growing up (on the wrong side of the tracks – literally) my school mates lived in various prestigious houses in and around the Wahroonga area of Sydney’s north shore.  One of the things I loved so much about visiting the homes of my friends was the history and tradition of the homes they lived in and I still have a vivid mental image of the house name plaques attached to various federation dwellings I visited over the years.  As a kid it all looked rather “posh” and cool to me, and as an adult have always had a hankering to live in a “named” house. As it turns out, according to Ray White, Homely names add value to homes | Herald Sun other folks think that a named house adds poshness … Read entire article »

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